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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
Search Tips

Here are a few helpful “tips” that will make your music search easier and more enjoyable. After you establish your search criteria, either click on the “GO” button or hit enter on your keyboard. The results are the same.

Step 1 - Quick Search.
With the help of the pull down menu, select any “style or genre” from the list provided and off you go.
Step 2 - Keyword Search.
Use the “Keyword Search” option by simply typing in any word of your choosing. For example: rock or exciting or sad or guitar or even a CD catalog number. It does not matter whether you use upper or lower case letters.
Step 3 - Refining Your Search.
You may refine your search by typing in more than one descriptive word in the “Keyword Search” field. Separate all words with commas.
For example: rock, guitar, exciting, powerful, etc, etc.
Step 4 - Combining the Pull Down Menu with the Keyword Search Field.
Refine your search even further by selecting any option from the pull down menu and by typing in any number of descriptive words in the "Keyword Search" field.
Step 5 - Advanced Music Search.
For a more powerful and comprehensive music search, please click on the “Music Search” navigation button located on the left side of your screen.
Finding the right music is just a mouse click away!

American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
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