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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
Music Catalog

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AM185 - Feed The Beast
Alternative Rock. Powerful, exciting and dynamic. Thrill to the raw energy and emotional release of these driving, fearless and passionate arrangements.

AM184 - Hidden Wonders
Wondrous and inspiring beauty, flowing and building layers of melodic sound. These stirring and emotive arrangements share a hint of mystery of the exotic world around us.

AM183 - Life Is Great
Indie Rock - Inspiring, upbeat arrangements featuring piano and strings. Exhilarating, wondrous, dynamic and powerful.

AM182 - American Hwy Vol.2
Upbeat, fun, spirited, and exciting. Solo ukulele Indie Rock. All the other instruments were removed to form this unique and special project.

AM181 - American Hwy Vol.1
Indie Rock, small group arrangements, with the ukulele as the lead. Upbeat, fun, spirited, exciting and breezy. Incredibly unique and different.

AM180 - You Can Shine Vol.2
Indie Folk Pop. Small group arrangements. Fun, upbeat, friendly, youthful and energetic. The male and female vocals were removed to create these underscore versions..

AM179 - You Can Shine Vol.1
Indie Folk Pop. Small group arrangements with male and female lead vocals. Fun, upbeat, friendly, youthful and energetic.

AM178 - Inner Reflections
Solo piano. Beautiful, pure and Imaginative. Emotionally rich arrangements, exquisitely executed.

AM177 - All Systems Go
Electronica, Techno and Dance music. Exciting, energizing, and captivating. Excellent for dramatic situations, fashion and style.

AM176 - Wake of Destruction
Dramatic, suspenseful and perilous. Powerful, blockbuster arrangements. Full orchestra with sound design and effects.

AM175 - Dreams Of Glory
Majestic, powerful, inspiring and adventurous. These sweeping, panoramic themes, boldly express the grandeur of the human spirit. Uplifting and glorious. Full Orchestra.

AM174 - Squirky Sunday
Squirky, is silly and quirky combined. Small group arrangements that are fun, with an exciting rock funk kick. A daring combination of energy and drive that will delight and amuse you.

AM173 - Soaring Heights
Inspiring, powerful, and wondrous. These moving and dynamic arrangements are driven by an epic performance on piano, accompanied by strings. Heroic and boundless adventure.

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American Music Company - Music that skips a beat!
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